Question by Michael R: Would a granite tiled entryway look nice going into a hardwood floor? or should it be hrdwd floor all theway?
My spouse and I seem to disagree on which looks better. I’ve always felt that a stone tiled entryway gave a good first impression of “Wow, nice place” (let’s pretend,$$ is no object)
My spouse thinks that you are not supposed to break up the hardwood floor. There is a defined entryway and after that is the dinning rm,kitchen,and hall way which are all going to be hardwood floors.
Does any body out there know where I can find pictures of stone entryways leading to a hardwood floor? Or is this not to be??

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Answer by professor grey
I have porcelin tile in my entry way. I had hardwood originally that traveled throughout our first floor but I got a lot more wear at the entryway. Since installing tile, it’s easier to keep clean and less dirt travels into the main living area’s.

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