Wood Floor Sanding & Maintenance Tips

The end result of wood floor sanding is the appearance of a handsome floor that complements any décor.  It is a classic that is always in style.  Another benefit that may be overlooked is the ease of maintenance and upkeep for wood floors.     

The importance of a quality sander

In order to accomplish a successful restoration using wood floor sanding, the sanding machine is of the utmost importance. Innovative technology has created dust-free sanding machines that feature huge dust collection bags as well as strong suction. This is a major improvement over the old drum sanders which not
only produced a lot of dust, but could damage wood floor if not operated correctly.  Our service utilizes only the best of the quality sanders; machines by manufacturers Bona as well as Laegler are known as providing superior results.

Wood Floor Care

There is general floor care after the wood floor sanding process has been completed. The general rule is that coatings take 2 to 3 hours to dry. It takes 2 weeks for the floors to fully harden. After 24 hours, you can walk on the floor without shoes. This should be done for the first 7 days after the project completion. While 90% of the curing occurs after 24 hours, you should be vigilant and take extreme care in the first 14 days.  Light furniture can be placed if protective felt pads are being utilized.   Wait 2 weeks before placing any area
rugs on the floor.To keep your floor looking the same as it did immediately upon completion of the
wood floor sanding, you must exercise proper floor care such as sweeping.  In addition, you must protect the floor from moisture and excessive wear.  Ask hardwood floor professionals for recommendation for cleaning products.

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