This is a time-lapse of us painting our dining room wood floors. We have a neat 1950 contemporary house in Enid, Oklahoma, in our favorite neighborhood, Indian Hills. Since the house had been in major disrepair 14 years ago, the original hardwood floors are severely damaged, so they can’t be refinished the usual way. We don’t like to do things the “usual” way, so this is fine with us. This is what we did: 1. From the entry to our dining area, we cut the carpet in an “S” shaped curve. 2. We rolled up the carpet and carpet pad. 3. We pulled out the staples and tack strips. 4. We sanded the floor by hand (to scuff it up) and cleaned it very well. You’ll see Kelly’s cousin, Caria, helping us clean! 5. We painted the entire area with a really dark chocolate brown flat paint. 6. I (Kelly) planned out the painting, then painted the design in rusty red, sage green and cream colors. Yes, I was usually in my jammies. It also swirls around to the entry area. 7. Ty and Lexy (age 6) sanded then enitre floor to give it an aged, worn look. 8. Ty and I took turns brushing on 4 layers of a super-high gloss showroom floor finish. 9. Then we didn’t wait long enough to move our dining room furniture back on it, so the finish has divets. (We don’t recommend this step.) We love it! We did another painting on our upstairs landing. For more pictures of our house and our neighborhood, go to:

and sum more floor
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