Question by James R: Where is the best place to buy hardwood flooring? (i.e. lumbar liquidators, home depot, etc.)? I want to buy some reasonably priced hardwood flooring. I have seen the commercials for National Floors Direct and read all of the complaints against them, but i have also seen the commercials for Lumbar Liquidators which i haven't heard any complaints about. Should i look in to them or should i go to Home Depot, Lowes, etc… what's the cheapest… Best answer:

Answer by pebblespro
I work at Lowes and sometimes we have flooring on clearance it just depends on the day. So, you might have to call or have a "look see". However, we DO price match and give an extra 10% off competitor but, it has to be an exact in-stock item…. I've heard good things about Lumbar Liquidators but, also don't forget to look at Mom & Pop flooring stores.. .They need to be competitive in the economy too and they may have more leverage in giving deals if they are privately owned/operated. good luck

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