When doing hardwood floor sanding guide

When doing hardwood floor sanding guide

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Home Page > Home Improvement > When doing hardwood floor sanding guide

When doing hardwood floor sanding guide

Posted: Feb 11, 2011 |Comments: 0


Hardwood floor sanding is the logical option when the floors have become rough and old looking. This is better and cheaper than tearing the whole floor and installing new floor boards. One can sand the floors by hand or by machine – but the latter is preferable as more area can be covered at the least time possible. Still, one should sand the areas that are hard to reach by an electronic sander.

When doing hardwood floor sanding, one does not have to buy the sander as this is expensive – renting the equipment is another logical choice. One can rent a drum or disk sander depending on the type of wood or floor that needs sanding. Drum sanders are popular for any wood floor as it polishes in a straight line and can go along the grain of the wood.

Choosing the sand paper


Sand papers have different textures that are quantified into grits – the smaller the number, the rougher the paper. When hardwood floor sanding, it is best to start with the roughest sand paper – grit 36 – to level the floor quickly. Then, one should use the less rough papers until the least rough one – 100. A steel wool may then be passed to buff the floor.

Hardwood floor sanding depends on the type of wood that the floor is made of. For instance, an oak floor should not be buffed with a steel wool because the wood may retain some steel particles that would cause unsightly iron stains later on.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

The process of hardwood floor sanding is quite easy. First, the area is cleared of any nail or screw that might protrude. Also, furniture and rugs must be taken out of the room/area. Then, the sanding process is started with the roughest to the smoothest sand paper. The area is then buffed with steel wool (except oak floors) and a wood floor cleaner may be applied. To finish the sanding process, areas that were not reached by the sander should be hand or edger sanded.

Although laminate wood floor looks like wood, it could not be sanded. Therefore, when one does hardwood floor sanding, areas that should not be sanded should also be considered – especially when laminate floors might look like real wood.

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Melanie Smith
About the Author:

Melanie Smith

Visit http://www.newhardwoodfloor.com/hardwood-floor-sanding for more information

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Melanie Smith

Visit http://www.newhardwoodfloor.com/hardwood-floor-sanding for more information

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