What to Buy Prefinished or Unfinished Hard Wood Floors

What to Buy Prefinished or Unfinished Hard Wood Floors

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Home Page > Home Improvement > What to Buy Prefinished or Unfinished Hard Wood Floors

What to Buy Prefinished or Unfinished Hard Wood Floors

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Posted: Jan 25, 2011 |Comments: 0


What Kind of Real wood Should I Buy for My New Hardwood Floor?

Deciding between prefinished as opposed to unfinished real wood floors may be hard. You must find the benefits and drawbacks of each before making a determination.
Before jumping into the huge cost of installing down a whole new real wood floor, it is important you know a little about your options. There 2 kinds of solid wood you could choose from – finished as well as not finished. Finished is less expensive and easier in a single respect, but not finished frequently looks more attractive.

Unfinished hard wood flooring is shipped raw – this is rough, textured, straight from the mill. Since it doesn’t come finished, it can be coordinated to existing wood flooring and also comes in more sizes as well as raw wood varieties than prefinished floor surfaces.

Prefinished hardwood floors have been sanded, stained, and finished at the manufacturing facility. It does not have to have any further treatment once this has been installed.

Prefinished hardwood floorings is actually quick easy to install.
However , while refinishing manufactured prefinished flooring, it is vital to take out a lot more wood to attain a level flooring, therefore you will lose more life of the floor on the very first refinish than with a solid wood floor. Furthermore prefinished hard wood floors are not as easy to clean up between splits, because they are not sealed on the work location like not finished wood flooring.

A customized sanded wood floor floor is perfectly smooth looking, with a tabletop physical appearance that can not be attained using a prefinished real wood floorboards. If the subflooring is irregular, then the pre-finished flooring will probably be irregular. Considering that not finished type of flooring will be sanded smooth on location, it’s always a lot more forgiving of minor problems in the subflooring.

Over time. you can easily forget exactly who the maker of your prefinished hardwood floors is, which makes it challenging to purchase an correct match if part of the flooring need to be swapped out. Due to the fact of this, it is recommended that you request more planks and also keep them in a dry, temperature managed location in the event you require them later on.

Prior to hastening forward, you should think about the below:

Is the residence of historic relevance?
What is your spending budget?
Do you live in a area with high humidness?

Is your household of historic significance? If that’s the case, not finished wood flooring are usually necesary to enhance the previous flooring. Supplemental hand scraped procedures may be used with unfinished wood.
Are the fumes and dust caused by finishing the floor on-site a problem, for example if little children or house animals will undoubtedly be with you?
Where is your new floor found? Could it be within a high traffic or dampness spot such as cooking area or bathroom? If so, prefinished type of flooring might be best as they simply have a very stronger finish.
Are you searching for a specialized plank size, out of the ordinary timber varieties or color selection? Unfinished wood offers lot’s more alternatives.
Is the installation all the way through your house or perhaps in 1 area? It can be much easier to match up grain patterns, flow, coloring, and finish when utilizing unfinished boards.
Should the floor coverings is going to be installed below grade, prefinished flooring surfaces would be the advisable selection.
Does it need to match? Unfinished wood is simpler to stain, seal, and coordinate.
How much are you prepared to pay? Prefinished flooring are actually more affordable as compared to unfinished wood floorings.
Is it damp in your area? Prefinished floor surfaces perform better in humidity. Here to the north of Houston in Kingwood Texas it is damp on a regular basis.

Essentially prefinished hardwood is useful for many business office and homes. If however you have the extra cash to have, wood floorings which are finished at your house . or business office just can’t be beat!

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James M. Taylor
About the Author:

James Taylor is an writer and also analyst providing analysis in community market segments on consumer merchandise as well as services. This is among several other subjects investigated by Mr. Taylor. Please see this regional location in <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.kleinwoodfloors.com” target=”_blank”>Kingwood Texas</a> for more resources on hard solid wood surfaces and also installation – http://www.kleinwoodfloors.com


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I used a flea bomb but still have found live fleas within 1-2 meters of where i set the bomb off on the wood flooring, should they have died or does take abit of time to kill them off?

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