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www.servicedoctor2.com http Call Today (888) 588-5655 for a FREE ESTIMATE 5150 E US30 Merrillville Indiana Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your home, and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty. Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process—a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a clean-up headache that feels like it will never end. But there is a cleaner, healthier and faster process with Atomic Dust Containment Systems from BonaKemi. The innovative concept of the Atomic DCS® is to have powerful vacuum motors connected to all of the sanding equipment, virtually eliminating the airborne dust generated from the sanding process. The Atomic Dust Containment Systems are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems available, reducing dust far beyond what the traditional sanding process generates.

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Dust Free Floor Sanding Service

Dust Free Floor Sanding Service

Floor sanding is almost indispensable to keep your wooden floor in order. Earlier, sanding was associated with a lot of dust. But today, advanced technology has made dust free floor sanding possible. Although dust free sanding does not mean any dust at all, it has largely reduced the creation of dust.

Choose the right company

Before you go in for dust free floor sanding, make sure that you enquire about the reputation and experience of the sanding company you have chosen. There are many good companies that provide dust less sanding services at a reasonable price. You can search through the internet to find an appropriate company for sanding your floors. Dustless sanding prevents your place from getting messy. You need not worry about taking precautions such as putting wet bed sheets or things like that to reduce the effect of dust.

Health considerations

Dust free floor sanding is gaining popularity over conventional methods of sanding. Convenience is not only the factor that is responsible for making dust free sanding popular. It is also better from the point of view of health considerations. Dust free sanding machines have automatic systems that contain the dust while sanding. Conventional methods of sanding create a lot of dust and are therefore not recommended for places whose owners have dust allergies or breathing problems.

Dust free floor sanding for better results

Once the dust free floor sanding process is over, you will be amazed to see the finishing of your floor. The automatic system of dust containment that is available in the dust free sanding machines wipes off the dust as and when it is created. This not only helps to avoid sanding marks but also provides a better finish. The professionals are also able to review their work constantly. This gives them a chance to do their work more effectively.

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Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a versatile flooring type that gives the appearance of hardwood flooring. With natural looking designs in durable finish, laminate wood flooring can complement any home or office décor.

Designs and Patterns that Fit Every Interior

Laminate wood flooring is suitable for any room including family room, hallway, kitchen, and bathroom. Designed to withstand in heavy foot traffic areas, it is perfect for families with children and pets. Whatever your interior style – warm, light, energetic, playful, elegant or casual – a wide array of laminate wood flooring styles and colors are available. You can choose from smooth, textured, square edge, hand scraped, bevel edge, narrow plank and other interesting varieties.

Although laminate wood flooring patterns resemble original wood flooring, no solid wood is used in its construction. The realistic wood plank flooring patterns are created through advanced computerized technology. Laminate flooring can be installed on any flooring surface, concrete or wood.

Construction with Authentic Wood Appearance

Laminate wood flooring has a layered structure. The inner core layer is made using a high density, moisture-resistant fiber board. A high resolution image of natural hardwood flooring is glued and attached on the top of the fiber board. The backing layer is made using saturated paper which acts as a moisture barrier. The flooring is then finished with a clear coating to protect from stains and fading.

Laminate wood flooring is available in different installation formats – click-lock, glue down, and floating type. Floating type flooring does not fix directly to the sub floor. The most preferred type is click lock flooring that easily snaps together without glue or nails.

A Popular Flooring Option with Cost-saving Features

Laminate wood flooring enjoys high demand due to its affordability, simple installation, durability and easy maintenance. Most of the flooring manufacturers provide a long-term warranty for laminate floors. Dealers of laminate wood flooring also provide installation and maintenance services.


Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings – New Jersey Laminate Flooring – We offer easy to maintain and very affordable laminates that are a stylish way to create more look for less. Get premium quality NJ laminate wood flooring options from our store locations at Edison and Lawrenceville in New Jersey.

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NJ Dustless Floor Sanding Service

NJ Dustless Floor Sanding Service

You probably can do Floor Sanding on your own. What outcome are you expecting though? How much time have you got on your hands? Do you prepared to reach a compromise of quality of finishing? Seriously though, your first challenge is going to be with the rental dustless floor sanding equipment. Rental store floor sanding appliances are just miles away from the same level as the heavy duty, business tools a professional floor sander has at his disposal. Dustless Floor Sanding executives gear is balanced and fastidiously maintained which is more than one can say for most rental equipment.

If you called up a dozen seasoned floor sanding professionals and asked them to refinish a floor with rental apparatus, I guarantee most, or even all, would refuse. Our ability level would be cancelled in part by the performance of the rental equipment.

The underperforming rental equipment in the hands of a 'newbie' or someone green, you could try to imagine what the results would be. One almost invariably ends up damaging the floor and considerably reducing the wear layer and life of the floor. Some bold souls do go on and try to sand their floors. Some do have 'fair results', regularly not knowing that they have seriously reduced the life of the floor by removing more than they should have. Would you call that a 'saving'? Regularly we are called by an exasperated people who thought he could hire some equipment and do his own floor. Believe us, you do not need to be in that position!

Tthe following challenge, even if you do succeed in sanding your floors to the bare wood and you are happy with the results, is the appliance of the finish. Most store bought finishes are relatively straightforward to apply. An industrial floor sanding finish that may guarantee long-lasting results is just not available to the public. These finishes cannot be purchased in retail stores. They are far too challenging to apply to let the general public have access to them without coaching. Can you imagine the call-backs and irritated clients they would need to deal with because they have ruined their floors!

On top of that, how long are you wanting to inconvenience your family? Without the right tools – which can cost us execs up to ,000.00 -the floor sanding work could take from days to weeks to complete and still you would finish up with an unacceptable finish that you will be reminded of each time you peek down at the floor. In addition rental hardware does not come with a full Dustless Floor sanding system. There are frequently 'clouds' of dust to be reckoned with. You will end up spending days in your bed with cough due to dustless the rental apparatus generate and you won't get dustless floor sanding with rental equipment. If you feel doing floor sanding on your own oh yes, you can finish your own floors, BUT… You can't say I've not warned you!


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checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills home Video Rating: 5 / 5

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