Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Installing and Caring Tips

Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Installing and Caring Tips

Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Installing and Caring Tips

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Installing and Caring Tips

Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Installing and Caring Tips

Posted: Jun 24, 2010 |Comments: 0


The task of installing and preserving your real wood flooring is as easy as one, two, three. To ease the fitting and upkeep of your new investment, take time to think about this worthy suggestions and guidelines.
Due to the ease of installation and simple upkeep requirements, the eternally stylish real wood flooring is becoming an extremely popular choice. Solid wood is resilient and durable and will withstand the test of time. It guarantees the perfect interior furnishing for your home allowing you to enjoy it for many decades to come.
The usage of real wood flooring as a great home renovation option will allow you to enhance your home into a beautiful space distinct from any other. Its modest superiority and the friendly and snug impression it brings to a space is something you will continuously receive pleasure from. Solid wood flooring mixes sensibility and functionality without giving up your knack for style.


Whether you elect to do your own hardwood floor installation or if you choose to utilize a specialist, in the end there are three different methods for wood floor installation. The approach you opt for will influence the look of your flooring and will add different facets to your area.

1. Floating Hardwood Floor Installation

The floor planks used in floating floors are merely connected to each other and laid on the surface. Wedges are added around the sides to ease expansion and skirting is used to mask the edges and create a clean finish between the floor and wall. This procedure of wood floor installation is best for a do-it-yourself fanatic.
Customary floating real wood flooring is manufactured with tongue and groove edges that are fitted to build a natural locking structure. Recent real wood flooring in contrast makes use of a click and lock method that accurately snaps together to stay in place perfectly.


2. Stick-down Wood Floor Installation

This process usually entails professional installation as it is more particular and lengthy. At the onset the subfloor is covered with adhesive upon which the wood planks are laid and glued. However unlike the prior procedure it doesn’t require expansion gaps or skirting. The need for door trimmings is generally done away with as multiple floor layers are used which raises the surface height. A stick-down hardwood floor installation normally gives a quieter flooring to walk on since the subfloors underneath serves as an additional layer to shield the sound of the hardwood.

3. Pin or Fix Down Wood Floor Installation

This method is the least popular of the three installation methods as it does not allow for expansion and movement necessary for the wood to adapt to changing temperature and humidity levels. This procedure of hardwood floor installation ultimately involves nailing down your wooden boards to the surface.


One of the main benefits of real wood flooring is that it requires low maintenance in order to protect its natural beauty and magnificence. In fact all it requires is your consideration.
o Regular sweeping or vacuuming can avoid the build-up of dirt that affects the face of the wood.


Be sure to immediately clean up spills using a gentle cloth and non-toxic cleaning products that are easily accessible in shops.
Prevent very wet mopping on your real wood flooring as it can react to changes in humidity levels. Excessive use of water may possibly cause the flooring to cap and twist.
Put area mats in frequently used areas to cut down the exposure of your floor to stains and dust.

If in spite of this, your floors do get damaged, one of the beauties of real wood flooring is that it can easily be repaired, by sanding it down and refinishing it to return it to its natural color. If required, inquire about professional help in renovating or refurbishing your wooden floors to maintain their outstanding condition.

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Felicity Campbell
About the Author:

Enhance the beauty and style of your home with the timeless elegance of real wood flooring and create your ultimate living space. Visit us today to indulge your senses. Author Reece Michaels is a home improvement and DIY enthusiast. As the proud owner of various home-related websites he not only offers customers price effective products, but also valuable information and inspiration related to enhancing, decorating, renovating and furnishing your home. So whether you are looking for wide plank flooring or bed comforters, you can be assured your needs will be met.

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New carpet and hardwood floors can they qualify for 2010 if we install now in November? for a tax incentive?
What type of rug/flooring should I put over hardwood floors to turn it into an exercise room? I know I can purchase the pvc mats (treadmill, utility, etc), but what rug should go under these?
How many staples for hardwood floor ?

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Enhance the beauty and style of your home with the timeless elegance of real wood flooring and create your ultimate living space. Visit us today to indulge your senses. Author Reece Michaels is a home improvement and DIY enthusiast. As the proud owner of various home-related websites he not only offers customers price effective products, but also valuable information and inspiration related to enhancing, decorating, renovating and furnishing your home. So whether you are looking for wide plank flooring or bed comforters, you can be assured your needs will be met.

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      2. Unless you don’t mind dealing with refinishing and recoating, you need to protect the surface finish of your bamboo floor. While surface finishes are strong and moisture resistant, they’re not impenetrable and would give in to persistent scratching, heavy pressure or too much water. Furniture legs, high heels, heavy appliances are the most common causes for that. Use soft, preferably natural fibers felt pads underneath chairs, tables and other such objects.

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      Accident can and will occur, so you need to act accordingly and on time to prevent more serious damage. It is a given that any liquid spills should be blotted with a dry clean cloth as soon as possible. If you must use some water to take care of it, make sure to dry the spot afterward. Use the manufacturer’s recommended floor cleaner to remove any more serious grime. Some warranties go void if you use a non-recommended product, but if that’s not the case with your floor, you can also use a generic wood floor surface finish cleaner for a decent result.

      Lastly, if the regular cleaning does not remove scuffs and scratches, or deep stains, you would have to either refinish the floor or replace a board. Refinishing is not as difficult as it sounds and by following the surface finish manufacturer instructions it can be done properly in just a few hours. Replacing boards on floating floors is not difficult, but when you’re dealing with a glued floor, it may be best to call a professional.

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