Simple Floors Artisan Floor's Terre Verte Collection Hardwood Flooring cleaning nj. Terre Verte, Exotic Hardwood Floors A generous 5" width plank creates a simple but substantial appearance. A well proportioned micro-bevel defines the dimension of each plank. Imported exotic species result in a shimmering multihued selection exceptional for use with any design theme. The carefully applied finishes not only magnify the visual splendor of the grain, they protect the surface of the floor with a 25 year finish warranty. Waxing and polishing are a thing of the past. Just standard cleaning and sweeping is all this hardwood floor needs. Timeless style, Terre Verte planks are now available in both exotic and domestic species for immediate shipment.

Heritage Woodcraft Old World Chisel is made of the difficult-to-source, imported exotic species known as Acacia. The rich grain tones and depth of character exuded by Acacia introduce excitement to any space. The handcrafted chisel-scraping technique emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of the selected grains. The unstructured nature of the chiselwork displayed in the center and edges of the plank will accentuate the uniqueness of your home. Because each plank is hand-chiseled, no two are exactly alike. Timeless styles are developed by the mixing of historic design and modern shapes. The hand-rubbed staining technique mimics that of the finest wood furniture pieces. A soft cotton cloth rubbing the stain on, while another buffs the excess off. All done by hand, this creates a translucent surface with a soft luster and just the right amount of brilliant color to showcase the Acacia grain. The uncommon strength and beauty of Old World Chisel will provide artistic character to your home for life. Old World Chisel is ready to be installed and walked on the same day with no additional finish coats needed and no waxing ever. Cleaning and sweeping have never been easier. Designed in California by Heritage Woodcraft (TM). Video Rating: 5 / 5

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