Question by moira77: Should I refinish wood floor or lay down tile?
I just ripped up the carpet in my kids’ playroom and underneath is hardwood flooring. Its got a lot of paint splatter and maybe a few water stains or something. I was going to put down peel n stick vinyl tiles but now I’m wondering if it would be possible to refinish the floor instead? Would it be financially worth it? I just wanted a smooth floor for my kids’ toys to roll on and no carpets for stains. If it would cost a lot to refinish it I wouldn’t bother, or if it would be a lot of work because I’m doing this on my own. Should I try to refinish it or just put down the vinyl tiles? If you say refinish please tell me what I’d need to do that. Thanks!

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Answer by Lynn
Refinish the floor. Wood floors are beautiful and much more durable than peel & stick tiles. It is easy to refinish hard wood floors, but it is hard work. It will add to the value of your home. In fact, once you have completed your son’s room I bet you will be a refinish maniac, and do all the floors.

Places like Lowes can guide you step by step and help you with your water stains and paint spatter.

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