Did someone spill Kool-Aid or red wine on your hardwood floor? Well, before you bust out the power tools, I have a few home remedies that will lift up that stain, and require a lot less power tools. Before trying any measure on your hardwood floor, make sure that you test it out first in a corner where no one will see it, or under a carpet, because you wanna make sure there’s not gonna be any damage. Beverages are the most often to spill. To clean this up just take a wash cloth, get some ammonia on there. Rub the area gently, let it dry. And then once it’s all finished, just get some wax put on your fingertips and polish the area. Now, watermark stains often go undetected for days, and then when you finally discover them, they’re implanted in your floors. But, you can easily get these out just by taking toothpaste and a damp rag, rubbing it in a circular motion. Once the stain is removed, just take another damp rag, wipe it away, and you’re done. For really stubborn or older marks, just rub the area with a fine grade steel wool. And then, just recoat the area with wax. Now, for burn marks, just make a paste of linseed oil, and rotten stone. Take that and rub it on the area until the stain is removed, and then take another damp cloth, wipe that away. Then re-polish the area.

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