Refinishing old hardwood floors like a Pro: in numerous ways

Refinishing old hardwood floors like a pro can be done in numerous ways. You might think that it is not possible then you are absolutely right. It is a difficult job. But it is not at all impossible. It requires a lot of time. This is next to impossible to provide time from day to day lives. If you do not have a large budget, then you can simply use a floor cleaner or restorer. This will help in restoring the beauty of your house. There are numerous ways in which you can do so.

You can apply 2 layers of polyurethane sealer on your flooring. You can also wipe your floors with water and vinegar will keep the shine for years. You can also use Bona Kemi or glass cleansers. These do not leave any residue as well. You can also use tea bags, micro-fiber wiping cloth and water. Let the tea cool down and pour into the water and wipe off. It gives luster to the floors. Refinishing old hardwood floors can be done in various ways.

You can seek help from the local or professional constructor. They will provide you with cost to refinish hardwood floors. It depends on the damage and condition of the flooring area. It ranges from one dollar square foot to five dollar square foot or even more. It is charged as per square foot. Sanding the old hardwood floors is really not needed. Even stripping of the floors is also not requires as such. In a low budget, you can fulfill refinishing of floors. The best part of these is that these do not create mess.

Reclaimed hardwood floor is nothing but using the recycled woods. You can find them from homes, barns or factories which again being remodeled. Tough, heavy and thick woods out of hemlock, oak, heart pine and chestnut is available. These are extremely good for your house flooring as well. This process is spreading like virus. This is a healthy procedure as it involves reusing of resources. You can make baseboards and boards out of these hardwoods to make floors.

As you are using them once again, these will be pretty inexpensive. Try to eliminate the outer portions. You can also take out those portions which cannot be used. Then repeat the process of putting back the boards and baseboards together. After the boards are attached together, apply Danish oil. The coating should be thick and equally smeared all over. Let it dry for twenty four hours. This is a low budgeted refinishing. These all together will provide a total look provided by a pro in this industry. Thus, this is how refinishing old hardwood floors like a pro are done.

I want people to know that refinishing old hardwood floors is possible without sanding and it’s an option they should consider. Completely refinishing their old hardwood floors may not be needed and restoring them may be enough.  I would like to link to

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