Question by Becky: Refinishing hardwood floors with a toddler in the house?
We will be refinishing our hardwood floors soon. At first, my husband was going to do all the rooms at once and my 2-yr-old and I were going to leave for a few days due to the house smelling like chemicals. Now, he is thinking about doing one room now, another a different day, etc., just whenever he gets the time. Question is, do my daughter and I still have to leave the house since the smell won’t be as bad and he will only be doing one room at a time? I have no problem leaving, but obviously it would be easier to stay home. Thanks for any info!

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Answer by Jeff
As long as your husband is doing it with proper equipment it shouldn’t be a problem. The floor strippers have a very good vacuum system that collect the dust and debris. It would probably be a good idea to leave while he is actually doing the work though. It is loud, and both you and your daughter don’t need to take any chances…go to the mall, or the park!!
P.S. the new finish will smell for a few days as well, but should not be a risk, just a nuisance!

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