Question by Falala: White walls. Wood floor. Black Furniture. Small bedroom. is this unwelcoming?
Hi everyone! i’m designing one of my friend’s bedroom. it’s really small. and the colors and stuff are listed. should i add another color? i was thinking paint one wall a different color. like a bright orange or red or green. or maybe something more masculine like navy.

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Answer by Bunniculette
i would definitely pick an accent color to brighten it up a bit. I don’t think you need to paint a wall unless they truly want to (it would be nice.) I think just adding some artwork (maybe take some personal photos of your friend and turn them into black and white prints but leave one thing, a focal point, in each a color.. possibly the color you choose as your accent.

I would stay way from anything dark as navy for an accent color, what about adding something a bit more interesting like red (if they like bright colors) or even a moss green or a grey tone…

Good Luck

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