Question by michael w: What do I need to lay an engineered wood floor?
Can anyone give me some advice on placing a wood floor in my living room, hallway and stairway? I was wondering what tools will I need and how can I approximate the cost with 340 estimated sq. ft. with the floor costing 3.75 a square foot. What should I add for waste?
What would be the best bet with the stairs (not using engineered wood flooring)?

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Answer by IAM
Add 20% for mistakes and waste. Multiply 340 x 3.75 = then x 1.20 = to get your total cost of flooring. My advice is to have it professionally installed. It is not as easy as we are led to believe. After many harrowing days of doing my own install I ended up hiring a contractor. The floor had to be un-installed and thankfully we were able to re-use the tongue and groove product. Case in point; I installed similar flooring in my living room and hallway incorrectly. There were gaps along the walls, the boards did not snap together all the way. The floor must be absolutely clean and LEVEL. No bumps, no staples, no residual left from previous flooring. You need to check that the rooms are square and plan for that. I used spacers along the walls which was a mistake. The grooves in the planks must be very clean – no dust, no debris of any kind. You need to check this with every plank or you won’t get a snug fit. Don’t over-tap the planks into place. If you don’t have the instructions with the engineered floor go to their website and download them. Good luck.

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