Question by L’Aubergiste: New engineered wood floor over old uneven hardwood floor?
100 year old house has uneven hardwood floors on second floor. Initially I wanted to sand and refinish these, but they are not in good shape and are squeaking. Then I decided to put brand new hardwood or engineered (my favorite) wood on top of it, hoping to obtain a better look and less squeaking and noise downstairs (with the help of a foam underlayment).
I am afraid that because the floors are uneven, the new engineered wood will not stay in place correctly.
I wanted to level the floors, but the self-leveling cement would add too much weight on this old house.
Is there a light, foam-like self leveling compound?

Also, what’s the way to lay the engineered wood in this situation, glue it or lay it floating? If glueing it, what about the underlayment? Do I have to glue that layer first and the glue the engineered wood on it?

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Answer by 7/10 Split
Before you do anything, I would fix the squeaking because this won’t go away. Check out This Old House website…they have a lot of good tips.

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