Question by kcal: Cleaning wood floors…..?
I live in a small apartment alone. There isn’t too much foot traffic but my wood floors do get a little dirty looking and I have a dust bunny problem.

How often do you clean your wood floors? What do you use? I just bought the BONA system kit and there is some left over “Bruce” from the previous tenant.

Do you sweep weekly and then do a full cleaning every few weeks? I need to make a better and more regular schedule so I don’t get into these overwhelming situations.

Also, do you move all your rugs or do you just clean around them?

I’m just interested to know what your wood floor cleaning habits are 🙂


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Answer by tkahrs12122
Dust mop every other day, vacuum weekly and wash every other week. Yes pick up the rugs. I need to do this often I live on a dirt road.

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