O’Berry Squeak No More Kit With Additional 250 bonus Screws

  • The kit will eliminate most squeaks that you have under carpeted or hardwood floors
  • Squeeeeek No More is an excellent product especially when there is no access to the floor joists.
  • This product can be used directly through your carpeting.
  • Does not damage floor coverings
  • Is the most cost effective way to stop floor squeaks in carpeted floors

Squeek-No-More Kit comes with complete instructions to help you eliminate those pesky floor and stair squeaks. Most floor squeaks are caused by nails that are working loose and rubbing on the floorboard. The sooner you can eliminate this from happening, the better. The Squeek No More Kit can be used on hardwood, carpeted, and linoleum floors. Permanently eliminates floor noise under carpeted, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. Does not damage floor coverings. Scored screw is engineered to sn

Price: $ 29.99

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