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You probably can do Floor Sanding on your own. What outcome are you expecting though? How much time have you got on your hands? Do you prepared to reach a compromise of quality of finishing? Seriously though, your first challenge is going to be with the rental dustless floor sanding equipment. Rental store floor sanding appliances are just miles away from the same level as the heavy duty, business tools a professional floor sander has at his disposal. Dustless Floor Sanding executives gear is balanced and fastidiously maintained which is more than one can say for most rental equipment.

If you called up a dozen seasoned floor sanding professionals and asked them to refinish a floor with rental apparatus, I guarantee most, or even all, would refuse. Our ability level would be cancelled in part by the performance of the rental equipment.

The underperforming rental equipment in the hands of a 'newbie' or someone green, you could try to imagine what the results would be. One almost invariably ends up damaging the floor and considerably reducing the wear layer and life of the floor. Some bold souls do go on and try to sand their floors. Some do have 'fair results', regularly not knowing that they have seriously reduced the life of the floor by removing more than they should have. Would you call that a 'saving'? Regularly we are called by an exasperated people who thought he could hire some equipment and do his own floor. Believe us, you do not need to be in that position!

Tthe following challenge, even if you do succeed in sanding your floors to the bare wood and you are happy with the results, is the appliance of the finish. Most store bought finishes are relatively straightforward to apply. An industrial floor sanding finish that may guarantee long-lasting results is just not available to the public. These finishes cannot be purchased in retail stores. They are far too challenging to apply to let the general public have access to them without coaching. Can you imagine the call-backs and irritated clients they would need to deal with because they have ruined their floors!

On top of that, how long are you wanting to inconvenience your family? Without the right tools – which can cost us execs up to ,000.00 -the floor sanding work could take from days to weeks to complete and still you would finish up with an unacceptable finish that you will be reminded of each time you peek down at the floor. In addition rental hardware does not come with a full Dustless Floor sanding system. There are frequently 'clouds' of dust to be reckoned with. You will end up spending days in your bed with cough due to dustless the rental apparatus generate and you won't get dustless floor sanding with rental equipment. If you feel doing floor sanding on your own oh yes, you can finish your own floors, BUT… You can't say I've not warned you!


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