Would you trust anything less than AllStates wood floor refinishing system


Why do I need my wood floor cleaned?

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors develop a buildup of oils, grease, dirt and more over time, no matter what home cleaning product you use. The reason is because of the small pockets in your hardwood floors finish, and the texture of the grain in the wood. The pockets are not visible to the eye because they’re so small. This build up, though small, eventually becomes visible, giving your floor an overall dirty appearance; even after you clean it. The longer this collection sits in these pockets, it gets ground in; wearing away the finish no matter how good of a finish it is.

Also, most people have not been educated to know that oil soaps, waxes, and other popular citrus wood cleaners are actually bad for your wood floor. These can actually cause the floor to develop sticky buildups, a white buildup, or just attract dirt faster.

Our multi-step cleaning process will remove this dirt and grime, even the buildup left from other cleaners, saving the life of your floor. This revolutionary system and machine remove the build-up from these pockets, using different solutions on each step for separate types of soiling. The rotating brush helps get the solution into these pockets and pull everything out. The vacuum follows right behind it to suck the solution, now dirty, off the floor.

Can my floor be cleaned with this system?

Yes. Virtually every wood floor can be cleaned with this breakthrough system. Whether your home has engineered, pre-finished or site-finished flooring, we can clean it!

Wood floor finish
Will my floor be wet and possibly damaged?

No. We will first evaluate your floor to see if it is eligible for cleaning without being damaged. It is very rare that a wood floor is not eligible, and this is only ever due to incorrect installation.

The machine used has squeegees with vacuums in front of and behind the agitating brush. Almost as soon as the solution is on your floor and doing its job, it gets sucked right back up. What little moisture left, if any, dries very quickly. In fact, the cleaning solutions are formulated with a little alcohol in them to help them dry even faster.

Standing water is defined as water that sits for more than few(10) minutes. This will never happen on your floor, because we keep a towel handy at all times to immediately wipe up any water that could possibly be missed by the vacuum.

Are multi-steps necessary?

Other companies only want to do one step, and tell you the floor is clean. However, they fail to recognize that each step pulls more and more unwanted matter out of the pockets in the finish. One step may produce dirty water, but so do all the following steps, just as much as the first. Can you imagine paying to have your floor cleaned, but so much of that dirt, oil, grease and more is left on the floor because someone told you that one step did the trick? Don’t be taken by other uneducated cleaners.

Why is this better than just water and vinegar?

Many people use vinegar because they want to know they are using a non-toxic cleaning product. However, it is not an excellent de-greaser. Our products are water base, and are excellent de-greasers, as well as for removing oils, dirt and grime. Also, they are not too harsh for you wood floor, like many cleaners can be. The agitating brush and vacuum on our machine help to pull out all of these from the crevices in your floor like nothing else can. You will never see streaks after our cleaning.

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