Question by Nilsa N: I would like to sand my wood floors so that I can refinish them unfortunately the sanding machines available f?
for rental are to big and I cannot handle them (I am a small woman). Does anyone know where I can rent a small wood floor sanding machine or any other ideas on how I can sand my floors without using a heavy duty sanding machine?

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Answer by Don
You’ve been looking at drum machines, which is what most pro’s prefer. You’re right, those are wickedly fast, and if you rest even a moment, they can gouge the floor out. There are other sanders available that are sort of like giant palm sanders for floors – they use a giant sheet of sandpaper instead of a drum. Those aren’t nearly as fast, but they’re easier to use. Have you asked your rental yard? I suspect you can rent those as well, I think they’d be used around the edges, but I’ve never used one – I’ve only read they have them. Personally, I’ve always got someone else to finish floors, it’s kind of a skillful job. I hire this job out because I’ve known other people that tried to do this on their own, and it caused them some problems.

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