Question by Amber Nicole: I want to put laminate wood floor in my living room with a ceramic tile square in the middle. Need pics/ideas.
I want to put laminate wood in my living room and ceramic tile in my kitchen…I also want to coordinate the tile that is in the kitchen into the living room…I recently saw an add showing a living room with this done. (laminate wood w/ a ceramic tile square/looks like a rug.) I need pictures or ideas of colors, texture, style…I cannot seem to find any more pictures of this.

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Answer by J L
Call your local home center, like Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask to speak to the person that does Kitchen and things. Make an appointment with that person and when you go in, have pictures of your kitchen and tell them what you want. They have computer now that can help you. They will also tell you which flooring would be the best. Of course they will try and talk you into getting them to do all the work, but you can just say something like you didn’t realize the cost and will have to think about it, before making the final decision. Good Luck

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