Question by Sue Lue: I want to paint the wood floor on my uncovered deck in a faux rug design. Any suggestions? Am I crazy?
What would the process be? What paints to use, any template for a rug, preferably a simple southwestern theme? Suggested Resources?

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Answer by Karen L
I like it. Good idea. Make sure you use latex deck paint, and prime and/or sand if the wood under has peeling paint.You don’t want to do all that work and have it peel off next year.

Find or make a design you like, pick your colours. Southwestern is a good choice as it’s all straight lines. I’d do squares within squares or a series of stripes and add a few triangles here and there, that’ll be simple. You could make yourself a few templates of cardboard of a few triangle sizes and put them where you like. Paint the smallest square or one colour of stripe, let it dry, do the next size square, and so on. When it’s all dry enough to walk on, start setting the template where you want triangles, paint within them. Do one colour at a time, let it dry. If you want to do a strip of triangles, lay out a straight line to follow with masking tape. If you can find a clear glaze suitable for outdoors, I’d put a layer or two of that on top of the whole thing so that you don’t wear through to the design and can just refresh the glaze when needed.

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