In this video, learn how to install Surface Source’s floating vinyl planks. Installation requires no messy adhesives and only news a few tools to complete the process. Before you can start installing the floating vinyl planks, remove all mouldings, undercut door casings and sweep the floor clean. Next, choose the direction of the planks. Usually flooring will run parallel to the longest wall in the room. You also want planks to be balanced throughout the room so there isn’t a narrow plank against the final wall. Learn how to calculate the starting plank’s width in only a few easy steps. Once you have calculated the starting widths, you can trim the planks to the desired dimension. Then, you are ready to install the first row of planks. Learn how to begin and finish laying down the floating planks. Also, if you have an adjacent room you would like to add vinyl planks to, you can learn how to continue the plank flooring in this video. Finally, watch how to replace a problem or ruined plank after the floor is complete. For more information about Surface Source flooring, visit
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