How to install a laminate hardwood floor: cutting around a bullnose corner is something you need to know. Carefully think about how you are going to install the laminate hardwood floor around a bullnose corner……how will I finish off the baseboard….how close will I cut the hardwood laminate flooring around both ends of the bullnose corner…… I need to install baseboard around the bull nose corner once I figure out how to cut the laminate hardwood flooring. Questions, questions, questions… you have the answers? Watch as “joe” shows you how to install laminate hardwood flooring around a bullnose corner.
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A little hard to find… but boy you will save BIG BUCKS. Watch this video report. LONG BEACH Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse 3100 E. Airport Way Long Beach, CA 90805 Hours:Monday to Friday 8 to 5 Saturday 9 to 3 Sunday 12 to 4 Phone:(562) 492-9100 For more information go to:
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