How To Do Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing

Having beautiful hardwoods enhances the beauty of your home and increases the resale value. Whether you are maintaining or remodeling, call
GREEN MAGIC CARPET CLEANERS to refinish your hardwoods.It is a pretty simple process that does not cause you and your family to have to leave your homes for an extended period of time or get dust all over your lovely furniture. It's just four easy steps.

The first step is to simply clean the room. GREEN MAGIC CLEANERS will dust all around the wood floor areas. This insures that no dust or grit falls on the newly refinished floors. Then we will sweep the floors until all dust an dirt is removed. We finish this step by putting down wood floor cleaner. This process consists of misting the floor with the cleaner and mopping it up.
Now we have to strip the floor of any wax and polyurethene that is on the floor.

This step s the key to having a successful sandless wood floor refinishing job. GREEN MAGIC CARPET CLEANERS' techs will put down the prep with a spray bottle and follow it with the buffer using a red pad. If it is a large amount of wax on the floor, this step may have to be repeated several times. This step removes all wax and the polyurethene from the floor. Now we prepare the floor.

If there are any dings, scuffs, or marks to be removed this is the time to do it. We use markers and putty to do the repairs. Example: GREEN MAGIC CARPET CLEANERS encountered a floor with "high heel" dings in which we had to put puddy in those dings to repair the floor. Then comes the easy part, putting on the finish.

There are three levels of finisher: gloss, semigloss, and no gloss. Most of our clients prefer the semigloss. We put two coats down. After the first coat, we give it two hours of drying time and add the second coat. After 24 hours, the homeowners are able to walk on the floor and after 72 hours, all kitchen furniture can be placed back on the floor.

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