Question by Kurenaii: How much would it cost to get a professional to install hardwood floors/carpet?
Say that I moved all of the furniture out of the two rooms I wanted the floor installed in.

About how much would it be to install hardwood floors in a small dining room and new carpet in a small family room? Do not include labor.

Would it be less if we bought the hard wood flooring and carpet instead of them bringing their own?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Answer by knowitall
True hardwood flooring (the kind you nail down, sand, stain and varnish) will run + per square foot. It might or might not be cheaper to supply your own materials–an installer might get a better discount than you.

Carpet should run to per square yard–that’s 9 square feet.

Again, just ask your installer if buying your own materials will save you any money. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t!

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