Question by theresa i: how do you remove wax from wood floors? They are finiished with aqua fabulon but wax was added?
These floors were finished with aqua fabulon years back, but later bowling alley wax was added. A sick cat and kitty litter have dulled and clouded the floors. I want to remove the wax
and then use another floor cleaner (BONA or other product)
to redo the floors???? HELP> Heard vinegar and water can remove wax, but heard water is bad for the floors….???

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Answer by arandasmth
Mineral spirits if that doesn’t work you may need to refinish it which calls for sanding it down and then using mineral spirits to clean then re-varnish it sand again then clean again with mineral spirits then put as many layers of varnish you want depending on the finish you want. It take varnish 10 to 12 hours to dry completely so keep that in mind if you choose to refinish. If refinishing doesn’t seem to be needed then after you clean your floor with mineral spirits polish it with Murphy oil soap. And you may even get it clean with the oil soap by itself. Hope this gives you some ideas…..good luck!!

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