Question by Moxie Fitzgerald: How do I clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors? ?
My husband and I just bought a new home. The floors of the kitchen and dining room are Brazilian Cherry Wood. Since the home was a foreclosure, we have no information on the manufacturer of the wood, or the coating on the wood… whether it is polyurethane, oil, or wax.

Does anyone have any suggestions about finding out the coating of the wood, and any tips on how to clean and maintain this type of wood? I’ve done some googling, but thought the minds in this forum may have some great advice! Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Kimberlee
Murphy’s oil soap is a great cleaner for wood floors. You can read the back at the store and see if you think it will work. I had Pergo floors and it worked fine, I also had Solid Oak flooring and it was wonderful when cleaned with the Murphy’s Oil soap.

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