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How to install a hardwood floor: without removing the existing baseboard?……is this possible? Everyone I’ve talked to says to remove the existing baseboard before I install a new hardwood floor….now I hear something different…..that I can save my existing baseboard, I paid an arm & a leg for, & I can just install the hardwood floor without removing the baseboard. How would that work anyway? Will this work in every case? That would mean a huge savings since I wouldn’t have to pay for new baseboard to install, not to mention the cost of the baseboard material, the time to install the baseboard before installing the hardwood floors, & the cost to caulk & paint the baseboard, cleanup, etc.. How is this possible? I would like to know if………hold on pupster………..Watch “joe” show you how to install a hardwood floor without removing your existing baseboard…..maybe this will work.

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