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Hardwood Floor Refinishing – 8 Important Things to Consider When Choosing What Business to Use


* Ask to see his work truck/van and equipment… Immediately this will tell you volumes. Do not be shy. If they cannot keep their work vehicles and equipment in order, what will be done in your home?

* You also want to look for a company that is fully and adequately insured… You don't want to risk working with an uninsured business. Mistakes can and do happen from time to time. If they do wouldn't you rather be covered and protected? Having adequate insurance show's that a company is sable, established and cares about your property and well being. Make sure you ask for confirmation and documentation.

* Honesty… This is seen when a cash deal is offered by the client and refused by the flooring professional. Understandably we all want to save money. By-passing the GST though by some should immediately raise an important question in the minds of all. Will he then deliver all that he has committed to? How will I know? We have had clients insist to do a cash deal and when we refused they admitted that they were testing us and the resounding "NO" was what they wanted to hear. Several valued clients actually worked for "Revenue Canada" and congratulated us on our firm stance when we kindly refused to omit the tax.

* Timely and prompt responses to all requests and appointments… If they're not responsible with your time before you hire them, what will they be like afterwards? Choose someone that respects your and their time.

* Refusal to compromise… At times flooring professionals are asked to cut corners for the sake of economy and will hesitate for two important reasons. They are 1) the end value of the finished product and 2) the pride and reputation they themselves seek to maintain. This means that a professional will kindly insist the best way to do the job and explain why. Granted it may be more expensive, yet better for you the client in the long run. Floors last a long time, do it right the first time and you'll be happy for years down the road.

* Realistic testimonies and references… Of course it is easy to "toot your own horn". Anyone can claim to be something yet we are all naturally a little suspect when the self praise is too lavish or seemingly too good to be true. It is best that another praise you. Look for realistic reviews that are written from happy customers. If they supply a name and email address this is better.

* Complete dustless refinishing options should be offered and in some cases insisted upon… You don't want your home to end up completely covered in dust do you?

* Ideally you will want to meet the person or persons who will actually be doing the work… If the owner/operator himself is the one initially assessing the floor and doing the quote and will be working on your floor then you can cut out a lot of middle man confusion. Either way ask to meet the crew performing the work in your home before you hire them. If the company refuses – run. These are the ones you'll have to trust your home and floors to.

Silverleaf Refinishing Inc. is dedicated to high quality restoration work with all of the hardwood floor refinishing Vancouver projects it takes on. We offer the WearMax finish system that guarantees a Residential Lifetime Warranty against wear through. No other site applied finish can match it's durability. Ask us about our industry first 107% Dustless Guarantee. We'd be pleased to answer any Vancouver hardwood floor refinishing questions you may have. Visit us online at: http://www.VancouverHardwoodRefinishing.com.

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