Wood Refinishing Enjoy beautiful wood floors and wood cabinets without dust, mess or harmful odors, in just 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood refinishing. No Dust Our revolutionary process practically eliminates sanding, which means no dust. Unlike traditional wood floor and cabinet refinishing, with N-Hance, there’s no need to cover your furniture, seal off rooms or vacate your home for days. You’ll be back on your floor the same day and your dust wand can stay in the closet! No Mess When we’re finished you won’t be juggling furniture and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the lasting mess associated with traditional cabinet and floor refinishing. We are in and out in one day. You are then free to enjoy your beautiful wood floors or cabinets. No Odors Our process is relatively odorless compared to the gagging fumes of stains and sealers used by the old wood floor and cabinet re-finishing process. With the N-Hance process, you’ll breathe easier from start to finish. For more info visit www.nhance.com Call for a free estimate today!
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