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Q. Can the TyKote System remove surface scratches on existing finish?
A. YES. AllStates Hardwood floor system uses a three multi step process to remove surface scratches by cleaning the floor with the Dirt Dragon cleaning machine and then using Tykote and Streetshoe 275 to add a new coat of water based finish.

Q. Do I need to recoat to make my floor look new?
A. In many occasions a floor will just need a deep cleaning to remove all heavy dirt and contamination making it unnecessary to add a new coat of finish. 

Q. Can I make my dull floors look like new using the dustless refinishing system?
A. YES. Just by deep cleaning the floors and adding a new coat of Streetshoe 275.

Q. How is this process different than sanding and screening?
A. First of all, there is absolutely NO DUST. Secondly, by using the method of screening, a floor may cause difficulties and cost more than refinishing with TyKote. The screen's texture may not properly abrade the entire surface. This scenario may cause adhesion problems ( peeling ) with the "physical bond" of the finish. Tykote, on the other hand, acts like a liquid super glue for finish and gets down into all textured areas that a screen would just pass over the top of.

Q. Can you recoat prefinished aluminum oxide floors?
A. YES. The TyKote System can be used successfully to recoat pre finished aluminum oxide floors.

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Q. Can you recoat hand-scraped pre-finished floors?
A. YES. No other system can be used to recoat without damaging the characteristics of a hand-scraped floor.

Q. Can the TyKote System be used on a floor that is missing some of the finish?
A. No. The only solution to solve this problem is by using traditional sanding method.

Q. Can the TyKote System remove deep scratches on wood?
A. No. However AllStates can use color fillers to fill scratched areas before adding last coat of water based finish.

Q. How long does it take to complete a job?
A. Most jobs can be finished in few hours.

Q. Can I wax my floor?
A. No. Do not use wax or silicone-based polishes or cleaners. Some wood flooring cleaners sold at your local store may actually make the floor more difficult to clean and may create problems when the floor requires refinishing.

Q. How can I care for my wood floor?
A. Use mats in traffic areas and doorways. Avoid rubber-backed mats as they may discolor the floor. Place felt pads under furniture. Do not slide furniture across the floor. 

Q. Where is this product manufactured?
A. AllStates Hardwood Flooring proudly uses Basic Coatings products manufactured here in the USA. Basic Coatings was the originator and remains the innovator in water based wood floor finish.

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