Drying wet walls, ceiling and oak hardwood floors with no repairs needed. Water damage clean up and repair of severely flooded home wet from the top down from a broken pipe on the second floor. To dry the cupped oak hardwood I used an Injectidry System, with a custom mat applied to the wood floor. I let it dry for 3 days and all the cupping and buckling flattened out completely. Even the polyurethane floor finish was fine and did not need to be refinished. To dry the wet walls and damaged ceiling I used an ELE 6400 Heat Drying System, Drieaz Dri-force and a Phoenix HT dehumidifier. The combination of this drying equipment created heat and very dry air greatly speeding up the water damage repair without needing demolition. Knowing how to properly create a heat drying chamber and using an ELE Heat Drying Machine is the key to success. These walls and ceiling were wet plaster and they dried in-place in 3 days. this system can even be used to dry out ice dam water damage. For Service Please Call AAA Flood Drying at 978-392-1895 or aaaflooddrying.com
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