Choosing Wood Flooring And Paneling For Your Home

Reclaimed wood flooring is an eco-friendly way of making your home beautiful and strong. Furthermore, if you opt for reclaimed wood paneling and flooring you will not only help protect the forests, but will also save your money.

A better idea is to shop for reclaimed paneling and flooring online. Some of the dealers also provide shipping directly from their demolition sites and saw mills. This saves them the cost of maintaining a retail outlet. They then pass on this benefit to the customers. However, you should make sure that the dealer has been certified by quality control bodies like National wood flooring association and The United States Green Building Council. This will ensure you are opting for the best quality reclaimed wood availed by legitimate means.

There is no doubt about the sturdiness of the reclaimed wood paneling and flooring, as these are salvaged by dealers from warehouses, barns, wooden dams et al that date back to 19th century.

There is a large variety of reclaimed wood flooring and paneling to choose from. You can make your choice from antique oak, Elm, hickory, heart pine, maple, fir, to name a few. In fact, the only way to get chestnut wooden flooring and paneling is to opt for reclaimed ones because chestnut does not grow in the United States any more. The type of wood depends on your taste and the wear and tear expected by the part of the home.

Reclaimed wood flooring is available in finishes ranging from polished and smooth to ones which are rough with marks and stains from saws and rust. The choice will depend on the rest of your interior décor. If you wish to portray a chic, minimalist or polished look then you can choose the reclaimed wood paneling and flooring with a mirror finish. If you wish to create a rugged look like that of a hunting lodge, you can opt for the rougher finishes. This reclaimed wood can also be used for other things in a home like stairs, cabinets and moldings. The reclaimed wood is available in a wide range of colors to suit almost any kind of interior décor. is a trusted name in high quality reclaimed wood, cypress lumber, Reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed lumber, heart pine reclaimed wood paneling and a wide range of reclaimed wood furniture.

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