Applications of Hardwood Floor Nailers

Applications of Hardwood Floor Nailers

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Home Page > Business > Applications of Hardwood Floor Nailers

Applications of Hardwood Floor Nailers

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Posted: Dec 07, 2009 |Comments: 0



The question today is what is a hardwood floor nailer and how to use one. The hardwood floor nailer, also known as a nail guu is a tool that is power by compressed air to that is used to nail hardwood floors in place. This is the only tool made to do this job. It is much more convenient than manually hammering the nails into place. This is a great tool and makes the project go much faster.

In addition to the hardwood floor nail gun, and your understanding of what is a hardwood floor nailer, you will need an air compressor to run the nail gun. Because you do not lay hardwood floors every day, you will have to rent the nail gun and the compressor to start your job. Most lumber stores have these, and other tools available for the public to rent. You may rent it by the day, this keeps the cost down.

The rental office with always give you instructions, first on what is the hardwood floor nailer and then how to use the tool properly. Then you can start your laying your floors. With the hardwood nailing gun, your floors will not take long to complete. The nail gun is the only tool available to be used to nail hardwood floors down. Someone invented the nail gun for this one task.

At this point you have an understanding of what is the hardwood floor nailer and the need for an air compressor that is used with the nailer. The pressure of the air inside the nail gun is release as the nail gun trigger is depressed. As the trigger is pushed, the air pushes a hammer, or plate down, which causes the nail to project into the hardwood floor. As you pull the trigger you will feel a slight movement, this is the nail coming out of the gun and going into the floor.

You will be placing each floor strip down and the tongue side of the strip will always be facing away from the wall. Simply place the hardwood nailing gun on top of the tongue and it will fire the nail into the floor. Continue in the same fashion placing each nail about sixteen inches apart, moving from one end of the plank to the opposite end. This will insure that the floor stays in place for many years to come.

One great advantage of using the nail gun is that it will not hurt the hardwood floor it leaves only the hole where the nail went through it. The nail gun was specially designed to drive the nail in a specific place and to drive it at a specific angle. Because of this there will be no damage to the hardwood planks.

At this point you should be comfortable enough to try this nail gun and the air compressor. Remember this is the only tool that can be used to lay hardwood flooring. The great thing about it is you do not have to buy the nail gun or the compressor, you can rent them and it does not cost that much to do that. If there is only one hardwood floor that needs to be installed, you can do it with these tools in just a few hours.



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Eric Robertson
About the Author:

A hardwood flooring nailer will be extremely helpful to you if you want to install your own wooden floors. For more information, please visit


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A hardwood flooring nailer will be extremely helpful to you if you want to install your own wooden floors. For more information, please visit

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