— Choosing Good Antique Floor Lamp Cool Feature Not Advertised! I just got the pink version of this lamp last night and set it up. It was packaged securely in its box. It assembled easily without any tools being needed. Everything just screws together by hand. One of the coolest things about this lamp that is unadvertised is how the switch works. It has three positions. Click it once and all five lights come on. Click it again and three go off, leaving two lights on. Click it again and the two lights go off and the other 3 come on. One more click and everything’s off. It’s a nice alternative to a dimmer switch. You can put the colored shades on the lamp in any positions you want. They easily are removed but are securely fastened with a nut when in position. Since there are five bulbs the shadows are softer. The cord on this lamp is a little short. I didn’t measure but I think it’s around three or four feet long. The cord is white. This product is listed as being five feet tall, which it appears to be. When I first saw it together I thought it looked a little short, not that it was shorter than five feet, but just that I didn’t realize five feet was that short. I expected this to reach more to the ceiling which it does not. Still, once I got it together and turned on I think it’s beautiful and I’m completely satisfied with how it lights up my room. I have it beside my bed with most of the lights pointing up but one pointing down as a reading lamp, which works
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Villa Michaela sits majestically on a tropical mountainside that slopes down to the beach and ocean. Contemporary style meets imperial grandeur in a breathtaking natural setting. A grand entrance sets the scene, with oversized wooden gates swinging open to reveal a beautifully landscaped inner courtyard lined on either side by palm trees that lead directly through to the villa’s sumptuous living area. As you enter the main living area, youre attention is drawn by a dramatic, gothic-styled black chandelier in the centre of the room. The contrast between contemporary style and antique accessories provides a powerful, appealing theme Balance is achieved with white terrazzo floor and walls, while dark tables, lamps and statues sit around a light, plush sofa and the room extends through glass doors onto a terrace with stunning coastal views The careful selection of defining Asian artwork and ornaments adds a deep sense of history to otherwise modern spaces. Black and white styling combines pleasing aesthetics with absolute comfort and originality High vaulted wooden ceilings give Villa Michaela a palatial ambience and create an extravagant sense of space. The generous, round terrazzo-topped white dining table is a fabulous place to enjoy sumptuous cuisine prepared by the private chef. Outside, the living space opens onto the poolside deck with ample space for sunbathing and a choice of comfortable outdoor furniture to laze on throughout the day. The

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