www.contractorsdirect.com – Buy Alpha 5in Dustless Ecogrinder here * The Alpha Ecogrinder is the ideal high performance grinder with a built-in vacuum system. * It is designed for continuous production in fabrication shops as well as job sites. * The Alpha Ecogrinder ensures a virtually dustfree environment without the use of an external vacuum system or expensive dust collector. * Its unique slide cover allows the Ecogrinder grinding wheel to grind up to the wall. * Opening the slide cover exposes the diamond cutting edge without reducing the vacuum effect. * The new Spring Loaded Flange Assembly ensures smooth grinding without any adjustments. * When combined with the optional manual height adjustment flange assembly, the Ecogrinder can accommodate any 5″ grinding wheel with a 7/8″ arbor. * Whether you are grinding terrazzo, concrete, or any masonry materials, the Alpha® Ecogrinder is the tool for you! Specifications * 10.25 Amps * 8700 No-Load RPM * Weighs 12.7 lbs * 7/8″ Arbor
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