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Hardwood Floor Installation Cost | Hardwood Floor Refinishing Toronto Check Our Hardwood Floor Installation Cost at Sears Floors. For Hardwood Floor Refinishing Toronto, Sears Floors Has The Expertise To Meet Your Requirements and Needs

How to install a hardwood floor: without removing the existing baseboard?……is this possible? Everyone I’ve talked to says to remove the existing baseboard before I install a new hardwood floor….now I hear something different…..that I can save my existing baseboard, I paid an arm & a leg for, & I can just install the hardwood floor without removing the baseboard. How would that work anyway? Will this work in every case? That would mean a huge savings since I wouldn’t have to pay for new baseboard to install, not to mention the cost of the baseboard material, the time to install the baseboard before installing the hardwood floors, & the cost to caulk & paint the baseboard, cleanup, etc.. How is this possible? I would like to know if………hold on pupster………..Watch “joe” show you how to install a hardwood floor without removing your existing baseboard…..maybe this will work.

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    VersaShield Flooring Underlayment Installation and Comparison from Halex Corp

    Versashiled Flooring Underlayment from Halex Corporation is the ideal moisture suppression system for both soft and hard floor coverings. Roll it! Tape it! It is that easy. VersaShield is ideal for use with most floor coverings, including: * Carpet * Carpet Tile * Solid Wood * Engineered Wood * Laminate * Vinyl Composition Tile VersaShield Flooring Underlayment’s unique structure allows the installer to adhere the chosen floor covering to its mineral top surface, while the polymer film coating on the bottom provides the moisture suppression. VersaShield’s dimensional stability means it lays down flat on the slab, so gluing the product to the slab is never required. This video includes a comparison of cost savings and time to install over other flooring underlayments with superior performance. Learn more about VersaShield Flooring Underlayment on Halex’s web site at:

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      Property Ladder: A perfect investment
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      What flooring works best?
      Americans spend billions on new flooring every year and consumer reports tested wood, vinyl, and tile floors to see what works best.
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        Would a granite tiled entryway look nice going into a hardwood floor? or should it be hrdwd floor all theway?

        Question by Michael R: Would a granite tiled entryway look nice going into a hardwood floor? or should it be hrdwd floor all theway?
        My spouse and I seem to disagree on which looks better. I’ve always felt that a stone tiled entryway gave a good first impression of “Wow, nice place” (let’s pretend,$$ is no object)
        My spouse thinks that you are not supposed to break up the hardwood floor. There is a defined entryway and after that is the dinning rm,kitchen,and hall way which are all going to be hardwood floors.
        Does any body out there know where I can find pictures of stone entryways leading to a hardwood floor? Or is this not to be??

        Best answer:

        Answer by professor grey
        I have porcelin tile in my entry way. I had hardwood originally that traveled throughout our first floor but I got a lot more wear at the entryway. Since installing tile, it’s easier to keep clean and less dirt travels into the main living area’s.

        What do you think? Answer below!

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          Complete Installations Instructions Sponsor Materials for our project • 3/4″ solid oak hardwood floor planks • Oak transitions and moldings • Matching wood putty • Pneumatic blind nailer • Nails • Dead Blow Hammer • Chop Saw / Miter Saw • Nail punch / Nail set • Drill with drill bit smaller than nails. 1. TIP: Let the wood floor planks acclimate in the project room for 72 hours before installation. 2. Before laying down your hardwood floor, you must prepare the subfloor. 3. Make sure the subfloor is level before you put down the underlayment. 4. Notice the red underlayment that sits on top of the plywood subfloor. 5. Lay down your guidelines on the underlayment. 6. Lay the first plank of flooring along the guideline with the with the tongue side facing towards you. 7. Place spacers between all walls and the planks for the expansion gap. 8. The first few rows will have to be face nailed. Start by pre-drilling a hole every 6 inches then use a nail punch to set the nail and wood putty to cover the hole. 9. Stagger the planks to strengthen the floor and give it a nice look. You will need to cut the first plank in half to start the staggering. 10. Lay the plank face down on your chop saw. Make sure you use a flooring blade/ trim blade. 11. Face nail the first 2 rows before you use the blind nailer. 12. To blind nail hold the nailer against the tongue then hit it. 13. Mix planks from other boxes so you are not left with boxes of similar colors or grains
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          When cutting laminate wood flooring to size, be sure to leave at least a 3/8-inch gap between the wood and the edge of the wall. Create a perfectly fitting wood floor with tips from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvements. Expert: Tim Gipson Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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